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How do I add a school code to a pre-existing account or enter a new school code?

Once you have signed in, click the ‘My account’ tab. Then select account details and scroll to the box titled ‘School Code’. Here you are able to enter or edit your school code to view your book lists and discounts. 


What can I do if my school book list isn’t registered with Work N Learn?

No problems! Contact us and send a copy of your child’s book list and we will return to you with our prices as soon as possible. Click here for more information.


What are my options for shipping/pick up?

We use a local courier, so we cannot deliver to PO boxes. Book list orders can be picked up at our display center in Kunda Park, or delivered locally for just $5.95. Orders placed before the 14th of December are qualified for free shipping. 


I only need a few things from my book list, can I still receive my schools discount on these products?

Yes! You are able to modify your book list quantities in your book list bundle. If you do not wish to order items, change the quantity to zero. If you require more than the default amount, increase the quantity. 

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